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Donate - Join or Renew

Become a member or renew your contribution. Please note options for dues which have recently been updated. Women are requested to join at $1000 per year. However, we do offer 2 other dollar amounts to attract new members. 

We have allowed the $500 level per year, and recently have added a $250 membership. These 3 categories of membership will allow the addition of new members at rates that may better fit their needs. In light that grants are funded by the dues we pay, we encourage new and existing members to consider paying at the $1000 level.

Contributions can be made quarterly, and those who join mid-year can pay 50% of their selected dues amount. Scholarships are available for introductory level membership dues by emailing a request to

All contributions are made through our umbrella not-for-profit organization, the Charlevoix County Community Foundation (CCCF). 

To donate by check:  Please make your check payable to the CCCF with HESTIA in the memo line.  Mail your check to the Charlevoix County Community Foundation, P O Box 718, East Jordan, MI 49727.


To donate online with a credit card click on the link below after filling in your name and email address.

Please note you can now make this a recurring donation!

Credit card fees are almost $1000 a year.  Please consider adding 3% to your contribution ($30 for $1000; $15 for $500) to offset the cost of using this convenience.

Thank you for joining our efforts to promote the economic self-sufficiency and well being for women and girls.

Thank you! Now forwarding you to CCCF's website.

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